The Project-office for Spatial Development is an urban planning consultancy that advises local authorities, companies and institutions in the field of urban and spatial planning, building aesthetics policy, delta technology and heritage.

The Project-office for Spatial Development is an continuation of Cuijpers Consultancy, specialised in international projects. The consultancy was founded in
1981 and offers its special expertise for more than 30 years.  



As a consultant for the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment and member of the working group for assessing the Environmental Impact Report on the Hamerkwartier area in Amsterdam, Jos Cuijpers, together with the other working group members, visited the location on May 10, 2019. The tour was of course done by bicycle.



Since december 2018 CUIJPERS CONSULTANCY is involved with the so-called Southern Water Defense Line, a defense line that functioned between 1700 and 1886 to prevent attacs on Holland from the south.

    Regional television series about the Southern Water Defence Line

From july 1, 2019 a weekly series is being broadcasted about the history and the landscape of the Southern Water Defence Line. The series have been produced by Dirty Paws Media in Tilburg.  CUIJPERS CONSULTANCY has contributed to the substansive guidance.


   (click on the image to view the first episode - in Dutch)

    The Southern Water Defense Line Heritage Vision

In May 2019, the Southern Water Defense Line Heritage Vision was completed in draft form, drawn up by CUIJPERS ADVIES.

In this, an inventory is made of the most important remains of the line and proposals are made for the preservation of these remains and the use of the line for tourism purposes (long-term perspective and implementation program).

As a follow-up, various lectures are given and advice is given.

omslag-zwl lezing-olst-wijhe

JOS CUIJPERS IN ABU DHABI (UAE) - May 2017: Sustainability, Heritage and Tourism

At the invitation of OSOCARP, an internationale association for urban and regional planning, Jos Cuijpers participated in a mission for the training of officials in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) in May 2017.. In lectures and workshops, experienced ans less experienced employees of Abu Dhabi's Planning Department got acqainted with sustainability, heritage and tourism.

abu dhabi

Teachers and participants in the Abu Dhabi course

JOS CUIJPERS IN UFA (Russia) - November 2016: Heritage Tourism and Urban Development

In his lectures during the international scientific conference "Preservation and rational use of cultural heritage in tourism" on November 16 and 17, 2016 Jos Cuijpers has pointed out the importance of a targeted spatial planning strategy in the development of heritage tourism. During his visit to Ufa he spoke with several officials, including the mayor of Ufa, Irek I. Yalalov and the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Rustem Khamitov.


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JOS CUIJPERS IN BEIJING (China) - August 2016: Important role for digital techniques in developing heritage tourism


In his lecture "Digital reconstruction technology and heritage tourism" on the 4th International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Digitization in Beijing (China) on August 8 and 9, 2016 Jos Cuijpers pointed out the important role that digital techniques will play in the future for the development of heritage tourism. In his lecture he gave several examples of the fascinating developments in this area in recent years.

Jos Cuijpers in Brussels - March 2016: more attention to quality!

On March 15, 2016 Jos Cuijpers gave a lecture at the conference "Supporting Tourism in Europe: Working towards Sustainability, Competitiveness and Growth", in which he stressed the need to achieve a more qualitative approach to tourism. In the past there was too much emphasis on numbers in the development of tourism. It is imperative that quality gets more emphasis and that there is an eye for the different motives of heritage tourists to visit a place.

A new book about projects in Russia


recently a new book has been published about two projects in Russia that Cuijpers Consultancy/POSD was involved with: the fortress of the city of Rostov Veliki, and the tourist development of the village of Poreche-Rybnoye. In Rostov Jos Cuijpers worked together with the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency. The project in Poreche-Rybnoye was commissioned by the National Fund for the Rebirth of the Russian Country Estate. The book contains articles in Russian and English. The article about Poreche-Rybnoye was written by Jos Cuijpers. 

read the book

An extraordinary fortress in Rostov Veliki (Russia)

In June and November 2014 Jos Cuijpers took part in a mission to the city of  Rostov Veliki in Russia. Tis mission was organised by the Dutch embassy in Moscow, the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency and the National Fund for the Rebirth of the Russian Country Estate. In December 2014 officials from Rostov Veliki  visited the Netherlands to learn from Dutch experiences in restoring and using historic fortresses. 

rostov-1  heusden-1
A part of the fortifications of Rostov Veliki (Ru)     Comparable situation situatie in Heusden (Neth.)

The fortresses of Rostov Veliki are designed in 1631 by the Dutchman Jan Cornelius van Rodenburg, who at that time worked for the Czar of Russia. The fortifications are still remarkably intact. It's an exciting experience to see such typical Dutch fortifications against the background of the fairytale-like domes of the Rostov Kremlin. In 2015 the plans will be elaborated.

Rural tourism to Poreche-Rybnoye (Russia)

At a conference on spatial development in this environment on November 11, 2014, Jos Cuijpers presented the findings on his research into the development potential of rural tourism in the village of Poreche-Rybnoye, about 200 km from Moscow. The study included a SWOT analysis and a spatial vision. The result is that there certainly are opportunities for this beautiful countryside village, provided the different initiatives can be sufficiently developed.

Jos Cuijpers in London:Architecture is much too important to leave to Architects!

During a lecture at the London Summit of Leaders - "Rapid urbanization: Economy, Society, Management " on April 17, 2014 Jos Cuijpers has made the case for more citizen participation in major construction projects and especially in projects in historic city centers. His lecture, "Cultural heritage - quality for free" was welcomed by representatives of large cities, construction and other companies from around the world. 

Workshop in Helsinki

Close to the coast of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, lays the fortress-island of Suomenlinna. This island is listed on de UNESCO world heritage list. 
A few hunderd people inhabit the island as well as a number of entrepreneurs, mainly active in the tourist industry. There are also cultural institutions. For businesses and institutions the administration of Suomenlinna is organizing a workshop on March 7, 2014. Jos Cuijpers  will speak you about the planning of heritage tourism and the creation of a heritage tourism plan.


Moscow Urban Forum 2013

On december 5-7, 2013 the Moscow Urban Forum 2013 was organized (in Moscow of course).  About 3000 visitors had applicated and chose from 26 lectures and dozens of forum-discussions. There were officials from megacities all around the world and experts on all kinds of fields related to urban development. 
Jos Cuijpers gave a lecture about "Culture tourism outside the city centre" and contributed to the forumdiscussion on the creative industry.

On the Red Square in Moscow: Jos Cuijpers (second from left) with urbanism experts from London, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Berlin and Moscow. - december 8, 2013.

Jos Cuijpers discovered a pyramid in the south of The Netherlands !

In the south of The Netherlands, near the border Jos Cuijpers discovered a pyramid, made of earth. The structure dates from about 1650 and was raised as a platform to enjoy the view in the garden of a mansion. The pyramid is overrun with trees and shrubs. There are plans to restore the pyramid.


Conference in Antwerp - Belgium

Jos Cuijpers will be one of the speakers on the International workshop "AT Fort" about Management planning of fortresses in Antwerp (Belgium) on October 14-15, 2013. 

Conference in Berlin (Spandau) - Germany

Jos Cuijpers was one of the speakers on the International workshop "AT Fort" about Communication and marketing, Branding in the historic Citadel of Spandau (Berlin) on August 26-27 2013. According to mrs. Andrea Theissen, managing director of the citadel and organiser of the conference, the speech by Jos Cuijpers was one of the highlights of the conference.

Russian translation of book on heritage tourism

On October 9, 2013 the Russian translation of the book by Jos Cuijpers about heritage-tourism: "Making money on heritage" will be published, during the conference "Modernization of tourism education in Russia" in St. Petersburg. 

New underground museum in Utrecht - NL

The fist steps are made to built an underground museum under the Domplein in Utrecht, where remains of a Roman fortress, mediaeval churches and monastries etc. are found. 25 years ago Jos Cuijpers designed a simular museum at the same spot and he received a price for his design.


Green light for the fortress of Valkenburg - NL

The city-council of Valkenburg has approved the plans for redevelopping the fortress of Valkenburg. Two old towngates will be reconstructed. Jos Cuijpers manages the restoration of one of these gates and the management of the permits for both. The works will be completed by the end of 2014.


Conference in Vologda - Russia

Jos Cuijpers was one of the speakers on the International Forum "Vologda Upgrade: Investments in Tourism" in Vologda on february 15, 2013. more


Book about heritage tourism now available in English

Jos Cuijpers has written a book about heritage tourism and planning (Making money on heritage) that was publishe
d in Dutch in 2012. Now there is a translation in English available. It can be purchased and downloaded as pdf here.


Conference in Pskov - Russia

Jos Cuijpers was one of the speakers on the conference of Russian Hanseatic cities in Pskov on february 9, 2012. more

text of the speech by Jos Cuijpers


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